AWDABPT buildings is designed for the estimation of the average room air temperature of multi-storey buildings, shelters and cabinets which may accommodate people and/or heat dissipating equipment such as for communications systems.

It is a building simulation and analysis tool designed to deal with thermal storage and passive and/or active cooling systems.

It will assist as a design aid in the assessment of building temperature control concepts and, in particular, in revealing trends due to the variation of selected parameters relating to the thermal performance of buildings.

It is ideal for rooms containing temperature sensitive heat dissipating equipment that may have high thermal inertia.  Up to twenty-five rooms may be modelled over a twenty day period of analysis.  Cooling or power plant failure, partial or complete failure, and later restoration can be simulated.

 The refrigeration equipment model can be changed.

 Building fabric only cooling and heating loads, separate from total loads, are derived.

 Relative humidity estimation per room is provided.

 Evaporative cooling, direct and indirect, has been included.

Uncertainty analysis (Monte Carlo) option is included. Also, the program can be run over a range of dates.

Spaces with predetermined temperature profiles can also be included.  They are positioned adjacent to one or more rooms.  This allows for analysis of the design of one room of a building or even just one wall or window, since adjacent rooms can be treated as spaces that can be kept at predetermined temperatures and thus need not be specifically modelled.

It includes an external bush / forest fire mode useful for estimating room temperatures during and after an external fire front engulfs the building.  Useful for thermal design of fire shelters and bunkers.

Dynamic simulation is undertaken at a minimum time increment of 2 minutes, depending on the building thermal characteristics.  During a cooling plant failure simulation, output is available at two minute intervals for one hour.  International number formats are handled properly.

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